Georgia is the most beautiful side of the Earth. A wonderful and spectacular country for all



Tbilisi tour includes the following areas : Tbilisi holy trinity cathedral Sameba , which is the largest church in the Caucasus . Metexi cathedral , which located in the rock surface , looked down the river Mtkvari , you can see beautiful views on the old city . sulfur baths , which is located in the ancient district of Tbilisi . Naricalas castle , which was built in the fours centure . Shardeni street , were you can see beautiful and old streets , on the road you will see many galleries and souvenir-stores , near you will meet peace bridge , which is the favorite place for the tourists . few meters away you are main street of Tbilisi , were you will see Parliament building , Opera building and brand shops . The tour will continue in Mtawminda park , from Mtawminda park you will see beautiful view on Tbilisi. Next stop , The Ethnographic museum of Tbilisi , which represents the mini-map of Georgia . On The road you will see the best place for relax , turtle lake .


Mcxeta , the ancient capital of Georgia , which is under the protection of UNESCO . Mcxeta was founded 1000 year b.c , which was religious center of the country . McxeTa tour we will start from cross monastery , which was built in the sixth century . The monastery is located between two rivers . Monastery is built on the rock , from were you can enjoy nice view of the Mcxeta. Cross monastery is important monument of the world , his name is associated with the miraculous wooden cross , which was lifted by sent Nino , who erected Christian religion in Georgia . The tour will continued in McxeTa , city of the kings , weis is buried many well-known Georgian kings . The Sveticxoveli church is the integral part of Mcxeta . In The town you will see narrow streets and old buildings , were local residents have plenty of souvenirs for sale , which will leave good memories of Georgia . At the end of the tour you can go boating , where you will see two different colored river junction .


Signagi , City of Love . The best place for Honeymoon . The city was founded in the eighteenth century . The enemy failed to subjugate this city , This is distinguished from all the city . The city is surrounded 4 kilometers of sense , it is beautiful to see . you can browse Signagi by old Motorcycle , there you can see narrow streets and old buildings , you can taste the quality red and white wine , this region is famous for its wine . You can enjoy the local barbecue in the Colorful restaurant , From which you can enjoy wonderful view of Alazani valley , Which is a favorite destination for artists . The tour will continue to Bodbe Monastery , Where he is buried St. Nino , Who spread Christianity in Georgia . Bodbe Monastery is known for the miraculous water , for which people are arriving from other countries .


Ananuri sixteenth eighteenth century castle in the village of Ananuri . On the road you will meet beautiful reservoir of Jinvali , which is favorite place for tourists . A few kilometers from anauri castle you will get in Gudauri , which is ski resort . You can see spectacular views of mounains . If desired, you can fly an airplane in the mountains , walk with horse . tour will continued in Kazbegi . Must-see places in the list in the first place is occupied by Gergeti Trinity , Which islocated at an altitude of 2200 meters , A fourteenth-century monument . You can see the beautiful view of Kazbegi and Glacier .


Borjomi well-known spa and climatic resort , Which is known for its healing water . Here often rested the Russian Imperial family, state and cultural figures . Borjomi water conducts healing properties , The best way is for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases . The city boasts a natural park and sulfur bath , which is surrounded by mountains , were you can get free sulfur bath , Which is beneficial for health . On the way to pass sulfur bath you will see pine wood , Feel the fresh air of the forest . After sulfut bath you can get by rope on Borjomi Plateau . Tour goes green monastery . On the road you will see naturally formed a tunnel of trees , People named Green Monastery , because all the trees in the ravine are different green color .


The Sataplia National Reserve gives you lots of opportunities to spend extraordinary time . Here you can arrange photography, camping, bird watching and ecological tours on the Kolkhi forest trail. Sataplia is located 260 km from Tbilisi, with its natural reservoir covering 209 hectares of forest . Sataplia is known for its dinosaur footprint on this territory . In this sense, scientists believe that sataplia is one of the richest places in the world . This adiline covers a 900-meter cave, which is 310 meters long . During the summer and winter, the cave is maintained at constant temperature +14 C


Tskaltubo is famous for its balneology resort and the Prometheus Cave. You can get mineral water spas in Tskaltubo , The water is soft, transparent and odorless, its temperature is 33-35 degrees . The above mentioned mineral water cures the following: limb, peripheral nervous system, heart and blood vessels, skin and metabolism. Prometheus Cave is one of the richest caves in Europe. It is characterized by the diversity of underground waters and the beautiful luxuries . Walking walk is 1060 meters long . Prometheus Cave is the only cave in Georgia, where visitors can sneak in the underground lake (280 m). Prometheus Cave meets all requirements on international tourism level . The total length of the cave is 15 555 meters. The visitors can also walk in the woods and see numerous cake complex .


Martvili is a western part of Georgia, Samegrelo region . When you see Martvili you will be able to see a lot of interesting and exciting places. The tour will begin with Chkondidi Monastery . The Chkondidian monastery is built on the highest hill of Martvili. This ancient monument of the seventh century was the academic hub of Georgia where the books were translated and other works were created . The monastery is located on a strategically and geographically convenient location , From which you will see two regions of Georgia Imereti and Samegrelo . The frescoes of the 14th-16th-17th century are preserved in the temple . The tour will continue in the beautiful canyon of Gacheteli. The length of the canyon is 2400 meters and the depth of 20-40 meters . In the middle of the canyon you will find a beautiful 15 meter waterfall. This place is not only beautiful, it is interesting to note that in the canyon found fossil bones of animals living on earth , Which is 75 million years old, the canyon is the third discovery for world men in this regard . The viewer can make the boat in the canyon quite deeply and enjoy the beauty of the miracle of nature. The above mentioned place was a swimming pedestrian for noblemen .


Svaneti is one of the oldest and beautiful region in Georgia , which is famous fot its hospitality. It is surrounded be gigantic and snow-capped mountains of the Caucasus . Svaneti is one of the important sightseeing in Georgia , with there culturies ,history and beautiful nature . There is still oldest towers in Svaneti , were people lived in last centuries , but now is historic buildings . there you can find oldest churches , there are very important for world history , that is why they are secured by UNESCO . in Svaneti there is village cold Ushguli which is topest place in whole Europe . Svaneti is famous with traditional and various kitchen .


Batumi is one of the popular tourist destination in the Black Sea area. Synthesis of old and new architectural buildings makes city more striking and delightful. With its 7 kilometer boulevard, eldest sea port, botanical garden, European squares and streets, its high level hotels and rich café-restaurants, Batumi is the superlative feature of modern Georgia. Batumi never lets you to feel bored. The city represents one of the cultural centers of the country, where annually takes place plenty of events and international festivals with well-known artists and musicians worldwide. Batumi will definitely attract you with its dancer fountains, boulward, summer theatres, aquaparks and dolphinarium, with a big amount of cafe-gallerys and museums. Batumi is a place which you have to indubitably visit during the trip in Georgia.


Rabati Fortress is located in Akhaltsikhe . From here come the second name of the complex Akhaltsikhe fortress . Rabat is the southern part of Georgia and is 17 kilometers from Turkey . The complex is built on 7 hectares and represents town in the sity . The visitor will be able to see the historical part of the fortress , Museum , Mosque , The Orthodox Cathedral of the Nineteenth Century , Citadel and Turkish bathes . In the modern part of the complex is punctuated Hotel , Café , Restaurant , Wine shop and Wedding house . Rabati Fortress was founded in the ninth century . In 1578, when the Turks invaded the area, they joined the Ottoman Empire , It was then that the mosque and the martyrs were built . For years, Rabati Fortress was damaged by the hands of the invaders , However, in 2011 it was restored and now the complex is a favorite place for visitors


From Tbilisi to Khevsureti, you must go to 160 kilometers . On the way you will see a spectacular sight . First you must cross the Aragvi gorge and then cross the Cross Pass located at 2677 meters above sea level . From the passage to Shatili you will come across other Georgia : Emerald Mountains, Blue Sands, Milk Clouds, Towers and Villages Between Mountains and Mountains . Visiting is an opportunity to visit the museum where ancient combat attributes are protected , Armor – weapons and household items. After visiting the museum, the road will go to Shatili , On the way you will be able to taste naturally delicious water . Nearly two hours after you get into the dash, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular eyes , The best place for photographing . When you go to Satile, you will be able to taste a delicious local kitchen that is different from all other parts of Georgia.